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The ultimate digital customer relationship starts with dialogue. The Dialogue Center establishes personal and relevant communication with your customers: the right message at the right time through the right medium. It supports communication by e-mail, social media, and text messages but also offline communication (print, customer service), and meets the most stringent requirements for data security. The proven technology and expertise of Doornvogel allow you to focus completely on your customer, from fine-tuning communication to online dialogue. And with measurable results!

Companies like Leukedingendoen, Menzis, Nuon, RET and T-Mobile are successful users of the Dialogue Center.

Marketing Database

The Marketing Database forms the heart of the Dialogue Center. This is where customer information is linked to interaction and transaction data, from interest expressed to purchases. The database also includes the results of polls and surveys on the personal level, as well as engagement and switch considerations. All of this information forms the basis for the profile composition and corresponding personalisation and segmentation possibilities.

The Marketing Database is also the source for all analyses and reports and offers the option of automated file sharing. The enriched customer data is hosted by ISO-certified cloud providers like Sentia and Microsoft Azure Cloud. Doornvogel is a member of the Dutch Dialogue Marketing Association (DDMA) and has earned the highest security certification (Gold).


The Marketing Database is used to make selections for communication with customers. The Dialogue Center uses ISO-certified applications, such as Tripolis, to send e-mails, text messages and direct mailings. Every campaign is adapted automatically to the device concerned (mobile phone, tablet, desktop), including retina display. We also offer the possibility to develop campaigns based on dynamic content (location and time-bound) and we can even measure whether a person has only scanned an e-mail or actually read through it.

The enriched data from all ad hoc, event-driven and life cycle campaigns is stored in the Marketing Database. The Dialogue Center uses landing pages to draw maximum attention to the call-to-action, to collect customer opinions and to facilitate transactions. Our forms are responsive and linked directly to the Marketing Database, so that known information is pre-filled. We have also developed a drag & drop tool for mobile devices that enables the recipient to enter preferences in a fun way. The transition between the landing pages from the Dialogue Center and websites is seamless. With the help of A/B testing, the best converting landing pages are selected automatically.


Campaign reporting is not limited to a list of what was sent, opened and clicked, but also provides information on segmented groups within the customer base. Dialogue Center combines data from different sources (campaign management, web analytics, social media) into a single report. Thanks to the extensive reporting database, we can analyse trends within the customer bases and consequently improve campaign results. The reporting database also helps us to establish forecasting models.

We use dashboards to display campaign results in real time. These contain combined data from various sources, ranging from campaign management and web analytics to social media and shop orders. We also use these dashboards to present customer perceptions of products, services and campaigns. We obtain this information from social media, polls, reviews and communities.

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